Uterine corpus pathology: a practical approach. Eurogynpath 2021

OCTOBER 7-8th 2021

Uterine corpus pathology:

a practical approach



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Dear colleagues,


On the behalf of the organizing committee, I am delighted to invite you to the webinar Uterine corpus pathology: a practical approach Eurogynpath, to be held as a virtual event, between October 7-8th 2021. This webinar is organized by Medicard Association and Histopat-Invest Laboratory Târgu Mureș.

Prof. Dr. Simona Stolnicu
Professor of Pathology, Webinar organizer

Guest Faculty

Joseph Rabban, University of California, San Francisco, USA


Simona Stolnicu, UMFST, Romania

Simona Stolnicu
Cristian Podoleanu
Bianca Matei
Dumitru Godja

The primary objective of the event is to offer the participants a comprehensive review of problematic areas in gynecological pathology. During this event, various lesions of the uterine corpus will be covered regarding on how to approach the diagnosis, to recognize the most important diagnostic features, to deal with differential diagnosis, to stage and report these lesions so that the clinician will understand and choose the best management for the patient.

The participants will be able to attend several lectures focused on the main morphological diagnostic criteria, ancillary stains, molecular-genetic tools, with a particular attention to be paid to the differential diagnosis as well as most recent international guidelines providing treatment and follow-up information. At the end of each lecture, a Q&A session woll provide the opportunity to ask questions and interract with the speaker.

Being secretary for 4 years and the current Chair of the Gynecological Pathology Working Group (European Society of Pathology) allows me to participate in the best pathology scientific meetings and to select top speakers. During this webinar, we are privileged to have a world-recognized top speaker from the USA, Dr Joseph Rabban.

A detailed scientific program with titles of the presentations will be uploaded to the website ( www.patologia.ro ).

This webinar is primarily aimed at practicing pathologists and residents, nevertheless, its multidisciplinary nature makes it relevant for other specialists as well (surgeons, oncologists, general practitioners, general laboratory medicine, biologists) and, last but not least, medical students.

Moderator: Prof Simona Stolnicu (Romania)

7 October 2021

5pm (Romania time): Introduction: Simona Stolnicu (Romania) 15 minutes

Mesenchymal uterine tumors that mimic leiomyoma:  a practical approach, including new entities

Joseph Rabban (USA) 1 hour

Questions and answers (Q&As): 30 minutes


Moderator: Prof Simona Stolnicu (Romania)

8 October 2021

5pm (Romania time): Introduction Simona Stolnicu (Romania) 15 minutes

How to deal with endometrial biopsies Joseph Rabban (USA) 1 hour

Questions and answers (Q&As): 30 minutes

Closing remarks Simona Stolnicu (Romania) 15 minutes

Registration opens: 1 August 2021

Webinar Opening: 7 October 2021

I kindly ask for your online registration starting August 1th 2021.

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