Basics in Gynaecological Pathology and Cytology 2018- Eurogynpath

MAY 27-28th 2021

Recent developments in cervical

pathology Eurogynpath



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Dear colleagues,


On the behalf of the organizing committee, I am delighted to invite you to the Recent developments in breast and gynecological pathology Eurogynpath Conference to be held in Targu Mures, Romania, between May 7-8th 2020. This conference is organized by Histopat-Invest Laboratory Tîrgu Mureș in association with the Department of Pathology of The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Tîrgu Mureș, and Medicard Association.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Targu Mures!
Prof. Dr. Simona Stolnicu
Professor of Pathology, Conference President

Guest Faculty

Joseph Rabban

Program Director for the UCSF Gynecologic Pathology Fellowship, Associate Professor of Pathology, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, USA

Hannah Wen

Director Breast Pathology Fellowship, Professor of Pathology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, USA

Carlos Parra Herran

Assistant Professor of Pathology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, Canada

Simona Stolnicu

Chair of the European Working Group of Gynecologic Pathology, Professor of Pathology, UMFST, Targu Mures, Romania

Simona Stolnicu
Cristian Podoleanu
Bianca Matei
Dumitru Godja

The primary objective of the event is to offer the participants a comprehensive review of problematic areas of gynecological and breast pathology. Hot topics such as tubo-ovarian, uterine and cervical tumors, as well as breast tumors and tumor-like conditions will be covered regarding how to approach the diagnosis, to recognize the most important diagnostic features, to deal with differential diagnosis, to stage and report these lesions so that the clinician will understand and choose the best management for the patient. Also, areas such as immunohistochemistry and recent advances in the pathologic assessment of the sentinel lymph node in breast pathology, endometrial cancer tumor typing in the genomic era, gestational trophoblastic pathology, classification, grossing and staging issues in cervical pathology, will be covered.

The conference combines classroom lectures with high-quality microscopic screen projections and discussions of challenging cases. The participants will be able to attend lectures and to examine a variety of gynecological and breast tumors (benign and malignant) and tumor-like conditions on the microscope. The lectures will be focused on the main morphological diagnostic criteria, ancillary stains, molecular-genetic tools, with a particular attention to be paid to the differential diagnosis as well as most recent international guidelines providing treatment and follow-up information.

Topics will cover subjects such as:
A. Gynecological pathology (endometrial cancer tumor typing, molecular classification of uterine mesenchymal tumors, gestational trophoblastic pathology, classification , grossing and staging of squamous and glandular carcinoma of the cervix, precursor lesions of the cervix, tubo-ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma and precursors, rare epithelial malignant tumors of the cervix).
B. Breast pathology (triple negative breast cancers, immunohistochemistry in breast cancer, fibroepithelial lesions of the breast, pathologic assessment of sentinel lymph node).

Being secretary for 4 years and the current Chair of the Gynecological Pathology Working Group (European Society of Pathology) allows me to participate in the best pathology scientific meetings and to select top speakers. This year, we are privileged again to have world-recognized top speakers from the USA and Canada.
A detailed scientific program with titles of the presentations will be uploaded to the website ( ).

This conference is primarily aimed at practicing pathologists and residents, nevertheless, its multidisciplinary nature makes it relevant for other specialists as well (surgeons, oncologists, general practitioners, general laboratory medicine, biologists) and, last but not least, medical students.

7 mai 2020

9.00-9.15 Conference opening Simona Stolnicu (Romania)

9.15-10.15 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Hannah Wen (USA)

10.15-11.15 Fibroepithelial lesions of the breast Hannah Wen (USA)

11.15-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.30 Immunohistochemistry in Breast Cancer Diagnosis Hannah Wen (USA)

12.30-13.30 Slide seminar in breast pathology Hannah Wen (USA)

13.30-15.00 Lunch break

15.00-16.00 HPV and Non-HPV related adenocarcinomas of the cervix: an update Simona Stolnicu (Romania)

16.00-17.00 Endometrial cancer tumor typing in the genomic era:  a practical update Joseph Rabban (USA)
17.00-17.15 Coffee break

17.15-18.15 Clinically relevant molecular classification of uterine mesenchymal tumors Joseph Rabban (USA)

18.15-20.00 Slide seminar in gynecologic pathology Joseph Rabban (USA), Carlos Parra-Herran (Canada), Simona Stolnicu (Romania)




8 mai 2020


9.00-10.00 Carcinoma of the cervix part 1: Squamous cell carcinoma and precursors Carlos Parra-Herran (Canada)

10.00-11.00 Carcinoma of the cervix part 2: Grossing and staging issues, including Silva pattern Carlos Parra-Herran (Canada)

11.00-11.15 Coffee break

11.15-12.15 Gestational trophoblastic pathology:  moles, tumors, and benign mimics Joseph Rabban (USA)



12.15-13.30 Slide seminar in gynecologic pathology Carlos Parra-Herran (Canada), Simona Stolnicu (Romania), Joseph Rabban (USA)

13.30-15.00 Lunch break

15.00-16.00 Recent advances in the pathologic assessment of the sentinel lymph node in breast pathology Simona Stolnicu (Romania)

16.00-17.00 Recent developments in vulvar pathology: premalignant and malignant lesions Carlos Parra-Herran (Canada)

17.00-17.15 Coffee break

17.15-20.00 Slide seminar in gynecologic pathology Carlos Parra-Herran (Canada), Simona Stolnicu (Romania), Joseph Rabban (USA)

20.00-20.15 Closing ceremony Simona Stolnicu (Romania)

Registration opens: 15 January 2020

Early registration deadline: 1 March 2020 (reduced registration fee)

Conference Opening: 7 May 2020

I kindly ask for your online registration starting January 15th 2020.

On-line registration is offered for all the participants to Eurogynpath 2020. To register, please go to, fill the “Registration Form” on line and send it.

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Early-bird registration (deadline 1 March 2020)
Physicians and residents: 800 RON
Students: 100 RON

Regular registration (deadline 7th of May 2020)
Physicians and residents: 1000 RON
Students: 100 RON

The registration fee includes:
• detailed program
• access to all lectures
• volume of proceedings (digital version)
• coffee breaks
• certificate of attendance
• certificate from the College of Physicians or Biologists (for EMC credits)


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